Our Promises


We are firm believers in sustainability. In order to provide for our next generations a greener and better environment to thrive happily and healthily, we decided that starting up a business to encourage a circular economy would be a good start. We do our best to make all business decisions with sustainability in mind. That is why we pack all items with recycled packaging (in fact some of them don’t look good at all). We do not iron the clothes for photo shoots because we know for sure that you are going to wash the clothes again thoroughly before letting your children wear them -- every little bit counts! We try to take in as many items as we can from you, in order to maximize the delivery effort and reduce our carbon footprint. 

Affordable & Accessible

We believe every piece of clothing, regardless of the brands and origin, deserve a second, or even a third chance. Therefore in EGM, you get to enjoy a wide selection of children’s apparels, toys, books, and even things for yourself at a reasonable and affordable price, based on their quality, condition, functionality, and design, all presented to you in an easy to navigate web store. Upon purchase, orders will be delivered to your doorstep by courier or to Park N Parcel points, easy peasy. 
We aim to make sustainability affordable and accessible for all the households across Singapore. 

Quality Time

We value time as much as anything. Our web store is specially designed to satisfy the needs of parents from diverse backgrounds with a myriad of preferences. Simply refer to the “How to Buy” page and start picking the best preloved items for your children while supporting sustainability whilst saving time and money! 

Instead of liaising with multiple buyers and sellers, let us do all the decluttering and selecting work for you. As parents, we know how precious “me time” and “family time” is so please don’t waste those precious times away! 

Support Local Businesses and Social Enterprises

We are local. As a local family start-up we understand the need for a community. We are always looking for like-minded local businesses and social enterprises to become part of the force to expedite the implementation of sustainability activities happening within the country/region. 

Through driving sustainability initiatives and raising the awareness, we will be able to create more new “green” opportunities for those truly in need.