Message to Sellers

Update 19th April 2021: Thanks for your encouragement, love, and prayers, I have completed my breast reconstruction + Diep Flap surgery and now on the path to recovery. 

Dear Sellers/Parents, 

I have never thought of writing this message to you, as the original intent of my purchase was only to buy clothes, toys, and books for my baby girl Ellie (I need A LOT of toys and books to keep both of us entertained due to my compromised immune system, we have been cocooning at home for the past 6 months upon returning to Singapore), while trying to find something nice to convince my sister and friends to buy less new clothes for their children, in order to slow down the fast fashion industry which has caused huge damage to the environment that is already vulnerable. 

I also have never imagined myself buying preloved items (especially clothing) from strangers that I have never met for my girl, until the sudden aggressive breast cancer brought our family of three back to the country from Ireland, from a moderately comfortable life to a rather uncomfortable one, financially and emotionally. Not until my good friend from the university gave me two big bags of her daughters' used clothing, and then I finally realized wearing my girl (and myself) preloved clothing is not that bad at all! 

Especially for Ellie, she cares about the comfort and style(?) instead of whether the clothes are brand new or hands down. What she cares the most, is whether Daddy and Mommy could spend time with her, playing, reading, or just simply going to the playground together, happily.   

As a cancer fighting mother, my priority has shifted from buying only brand new clothing made from organic cottons from Marks & Spencer and H&M (well, they were the organic cottons selling brands that we could afford), to caring a lot more about the environment. In the past few months, I have learned that the number of young people diagnosed with cancer is increasing sharply year by year.

What could have gone wrong?

Many young ladies in the early thirties or even twenties are suffering from breast cancer locally and across the world, while most of them do not have any genetic mutations like myself (I am a BRCA1 gene mutation carrier).   

Could it be work stress? Pollutions such as pesticides, toxic dyes, and microplastics that leaked into the soil and our drinking water? Bad diet? Bad luck? Or just a mixture of everything that is bad?

It pains me even more to find out nowadays there are more kids suffering from cancer, too. Chemotherapy is horrible, even for adults.

I just know I have to do something about it, for Ellie, and all the little babies in the world. Tackling the environmental issues created by the fast fashion industry seems to be the most doable action for me personally. I hope this will be one of the first few baby steps I am taking, together with each of you. 

After working in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods industry for five years, (and three years as a stay-at-home-mom cum trailing spouse), I thought it is the best time for me moving over to the slow side.  

And it happens that my beautiful sister-in-law is also into sustainable fashion. The stars are aligned, hence the birth of Ellie's Green Mart. 

While purchasing preloved baby items online, I am very happy to be able to connect with like-minded mothers, a few of them have even become my friends in real life. 

When we were leaving Ireland in a hurry, I left most of Ellie's used clothing to a good friend of mine. It was very emotional for me, every single piece of clothing, toy, and book reminded me of the fond memories of Ellie growing up. The first time she ate a steamed broccoli, the first time she called me "mama", the first time she got a vaccination, the first time we went to the beach... 

Therefore I am extremely grateful for the mamas out there willing to sell the preloved baby stuff to me (and now, Ellie's Green Mart). They are not just "things" but the most precious memories that most of the time only a mother can understand :) 

We are determined to turn these precious memories into a force that can make the world greener and better. There are friends and family members who call me a dreamer but now I know I am not the only one. 

Thank you, thank you, and thank you! For trusting Ellie's Green Mart, for making the world a greener and better one. 

I have so much more to say yet I guess I should stop now. I wish to spend more time with Ellie before the major surgeries which will take place in two days' time. 

We hope you'll enjoy buying and selling on Ellie's Green Mart. Our response could be slower than expected due to the limited manpower during the soft launch, we sincerely ask for your understanding and patience. 

Remember to use the special discount code given to you individually upon check out. Your feedbacks and suggestions would mean a lot to us, too! 

Take care, stay healthy and happy! 


Speak again soon,