How to Sell + Payouts


to love the environment, the people, and your pocket! 

#1 Take Photos, Make a List, Pack, Drop Us an Email

Sellers to take “group photos” of all the clothes, toys, and other items - front and back shots – send EGM an email ( of the photos as well as a list of items (for example: 3 x Bot Chou trousers, 4 x Mango tops, 1 x LEGO toy house set), pack them in a box/big bag, we will arrange courier to pick up the items you want to sell within 14 working days.

  • In order to safeguard the health of our little ones, we only accept items from non-smoking/vaping households.
  • There must be a minimum of 30 pieces of items (70% clothing + 30% others). Honoring our promise to reduce carbon emission, we will take in as many items as possible from you, as long as they are useful for other families.
  • For sellers living outside of the central area, we will need your help to print out a delivery slip.
  • Items we are not able to purchase from you: Worn shoes and underwear - You can still send them to us for the sake of decluttering, we will do our best to redistribute them to those in needs :) Note: please pack them separately to avoid soiling the rest of the items. 
#2 Sit back and relax... Ellie's Green Mart will take it from here :)

EGM to assess, rate, and price the items before putting them up for sale on our website and other appropriate channels.  

#3 Items sold (hip hip hooray!)
The forests are saved, the rivers are cleaner,
and some extra cash in your bank account!

Pay-out: Sellers take 6, Ellie's Green Mart takes 4   

  • 20%: EGM to transfer 20% of the selling price to seller within 30 days upon receiving the items.
  • 40%: EGM to issue 40% of the selling price to seller within 30 days upon successful sales of items.
  • EGM reserves the rights to adjust the selling price based on demand and supply.
  • Sellers may retrieve the items by refunding 20% of the selling price paid by EGM + courier fee, it will take 15 working days for EGM to arrange delivery upon receiving the payment.
  • EGM to top up 5% should Sellers decide to receive the pay-out via EGM's credit (i.e. 25% 1st pay-out + 40% 2nd pay-out = 65% total pay-out)


🍀 Donate to EGM 🍀

30% of the sales revenue will be donated to your charity of choice. Currently we pledge to donate 2% of our sales revenue to National Cancer Centre Singapore and Singapore General Hospital at the end of the year.